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About the Speaker

Ferenc Jordán

Ferenc Jordán is interested in key elements of biological networks, focusing mostly on keystone species in food webs (but also on key habitat patches in landscape graphs and key individuals in animal social networks). This approach tries to link mathematics and applications, and it needs a highly multidisciplinary and collaborative attitude. The Big Question is how to quantify the importance of species in nature.

About the 'Food webs' workshop

The workshop will outline the past, present and future of network ecology. Problems, methods and applications. Speaking about ecological networks will hopefully help to develop a more integrative thinking attitude. Interesting case studies will illustrate the methods and concepts presented. Applications range from marine fisheries to systems-based conservation issues. Something similar was presented at SCCS Bangalore, SCCS Tihany and various summer schools in Rio de Janeiro, Sete and Parma.

Topics for personal discussion

good papers: the author, the viewpoint of the reviewer, the editor and the reader; keystone species; reading old papers