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The 'Fresh Blood for Fresh Water' is a community meeting of early-career limnologists, representing not just new incomers to the field, but also those who still (or forever) feel themselves “fresh blood”. The conference aims to provide a friendly atmosphere to meet, to present the new results and exchange ideas with other young researchers.

This community (as any other ecological community) functions and performs best in case of high diversity; therefore, we encourage you to join the next FBFW’19 meeting in Tihany and be part of the community!

Please follow the news here on the home page, on Facebook, Twitter & ResearchGate. Hope to welcome you all in April 2019!

The local freshbloods


2019/23/01 SOME CHANGES IN DATES: Proforma invoices will be sent out continuously from 25th January, 2019. Abstracts are confirmed (after receiving the registration fee): 15th March, 2019. Final program available: 31st March 2019.

2019/02/01 We extended the early-bird registration (40 euros) until 15th January. From then, the registration fee will increase! Do not wait anymore!


2018/05/11 The deadline of the pre-registration is getting closer! Do not miss it, it is free, and you do not have to be sure about your participation, but you will get a priority in the registration process after the 25th of November! 

2018/31/10 We are really happy to announce the full list of plenaries, with the two newly confirmed speakers, Maria Stockenreiter and Jeremy J. Piggott. Please check the new profiles at the 'Speakers' section!

2018/01/10  New plenary speaker announced: Mia Bengtsson (Institute for Microbiology, Greifswald, Germany). She is interested in microbial community ecology and algae-bacteria coupling in the light of carbon cycling in the changing world.

2018/24/05  Our first plenary speaker is now confirmed: Marco Scotti (GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany). His work focuses on pelagic/benthic food web modelling in the context of structuring and functioning of aquatic communities.

Plenary Speakers

Mia Bengtsson

(Univ. of Greifswald, Germany)

Microbial Ecology

Jeremy J. Piggott

(Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Multiple stressors

Maria Stockenreiter

(LMU München, Germany)

Experimental ecology

Marco Scotti

(GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany)

Food Web Modelling


Péter Batáry
(MTA Centre for Ecol. Res.)
Zoltán Botta-Dukát
(MTA Centre for Ecol. Res.)
Zsófia Horváth
(WasserCluster, Lunz, Austria)
Ferenc Jordán
(MTA Centre for Ecol. Res.)
András Zlinszky
(MTA Centre for Ecol. Res.)

Live webcam to jetty next to the Limnological Institute