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About the Speaker

Maria Stockenreiter

I am an aquatic ecologist with a strong interest in experimental analyses of limnic and marine pelagic food web dynamics. In 2012 I got my PhD in Ecology from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München. I worked mainly on biodiversity effects on biochemical patterns in phytoplankton. During my PhD I had the opportunity to work in various projects abroad regarding freshwater and marine plankton. 2013, I joined Elena Litchmans lab at the Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State University working on experimental and theoretical trait-based approaches to optimizing algal biofuel polycultures.  2014, I joined the Experimental Aquatic Ecology group at LMU as an assistant professor where I mainly focus on the interplay between trait diversity and ecological dynamics in plankton communities (PI in DFG priority program DynaTrait).  I co-lead the Seeon Limnological Station (SLS), which is part of the AQUACOSM (Horizon 2020 funded) network of leading European aquatic mesocosm facilities. In addition to lab experiments I am a enthusiastic field experimentalist working with a very mobile pelagic mesocosm system with high replication and several modern techniques to analyse water chemistry and plankton communities. At LMU I am strongly involved in teaching Biology/Ecology at the bachelor and master level and enjoy working with undergraduate and graduate students in various projects at the research station.