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About the Speaker

Péter Batáry

Péter Batáry is a senior researcher and leader of the "Lendület" Landscape and Conservation Ecology Research Group at the MTA Centre for Ecological Research based in Vácrátót, Hungary. His major interest lies in the field of ecology with conservation biology-oriented researches, such as the biological effectiveness of agri-environmental schemes, habitat fragmentation and edge effect on a wide range of terrestrial taxa.

About the Meta-analysis workshop

Ecological questions can be answered by systematic reviews that identify, appraise, select and synthesize all high-quality, relevant research evidence. They often use meta-analysis as a statistical technique to combine results of the eligible studies. During the workshop the following statistical methods and problems will be discussed and used with real ecological data: calculation of effect sizes, cumulative effect size and heterogeneity, fixed- and random-effect meta-analysis, biases. The theoretical introduction will be combined with practices in R.

Topics for personal discussion

living in different countries during the professional career; article reviews from different perspectives